Why you should Quit your Job and Work with your Passion!

The importance of working with your passion and why you should quit your job.

I believe that we could be a generally more happy species if we worked and did things from a feeling of passion and excitement instead of scarcity. Working with something we don’t love is the reason why so many of us feel empty and that there is something missing in our lives. 

I have worked in over 10 jobs in the last 8 years and I have not worked in the same place for more than 9 months.

The reason why I have quit my job so many times is not only because I’ve tried to figure out what I actually have a passion for. I’ve often felt a lack of connection to myself in many “regular” jobs. A lot of times I’ve felt that I’m not being more of myself at work, rather less of myself.

I want to play out a standard day working in a job you don’t enjoy;

You wake up at a time that you have not chosen yourself by an extremely annoying alarm clock. You put on clothes that you think will make you look a certain way. Professional, smart, rich, nice or cool. You might even have to wear a certain uniform.

When you get to work, you put on a fake smile and talk to people you don’t feel connected to because you don’t want to be seen as a bad employee or mean person.

At lunch, you end up in a conversation that does not make you grow as a person. It rather confirms that you are in a circumstance with people you might not want to have lunch with. Of course, you might get to know people of with different backgrounds and cultures that you wouldn’t meet elsewhere, but wouldn’t it be better if you met those people in a non-job-setting?

The day continues and you keep on with your tasks of the day. If you run out of things to do that are actually productive, you take 30 minutes to go on Facebook. You feel like the hours between 9-11 were the most productive ones, but you have to work your way through the uninspired hours of the day as well.

You realise that if you could do the same task at a different time when you have more energy you would complete it in half the time, and not burn yourself out.

Since you are getting paid to be at work between certain hours every day, you sit there until the clock is enough for you to “be able” to go home.

Well at home, you have run out of energy to do the stuff that you actually like. After cooking dinner and spending some quality time with the family, you have to prepare for the next day. You get to bed early not to be too tired in the morning.

When the alarm clock rings the next morning you think “please God, not yet”.

I’m not saying this is the reality for you, but a lot of people in our society goes through the same pattern every day, without ever figuring out what they actually love to do.

Imagine a world where we worked with our personal growth and the things that inspire us every day. Where we could be able to work only when we feel inspired, and therefore be more productive by doing less.

This might sound like an impossible utopia, but it’s actually just a simple choice. If you choose to focus on what gives you energy instead of draining you, you will feel more abundance in life. You will also do a way better job and get bigger results.

The days when I’ve been the most useless at work are the days when I’ve been doing something for hours that I could have done in 5 minutes. If only my boss would allow me to do it when I had a clear mind and an inspired feeling.

I’ve come to the conclusion that working when someone else tells me to is not something I enjoy, and therefore I’ve decided to work completely on my own terms and quit the 9-5 cubicle.

I often hear a lot of excuses when I suggest people to quit a job that they are not happy with.

“I have mortgages to pay, and children to feed” or “If only I had more money I could be able to do all of the things I love”.

I think it’s about time we completely flip that mindset around.

If I did all the things I actually love, I would have more money” and “I do what I love every day so that I can pay my mortgages and feed my children”

If this was the mindset we were taught in school and by society, I truly believe we would live in a world with less drugs, stress and confusion. My mum told me once when I was about 12 years old: “When you do what you love, the money will come automatically”.

This really stuck with me and since then I have been on a journey to find my true passion in life. If I wake up every day and work towards my dreams, all of a sudden I feel abundant enough to be more open to accept opportunities in life.

Yes, I have misunderstood this many times, and done things for the sole purpose of paying rent. This is not a long-term solution. If I do something for too long that I don’t love I usually end up broke and unfulfilled. Funny isn’t it.

The happiest times in my life has been when I’ve had the freedom to choose what to do every day. I always seem to figure out how to get food on the table when I’m spending the days doing what I enjoy, and choosing my own time.

When you have a clear mind, and your head is not filled with unnecessary thoughts about a full-time job that you don’t like, you see new solutions on how to make money.

When your head is clear you see opportunity in everyday life. You’re more open to new ideas, and you don’t even have to sleep as much. This gives you more time to figure out who you actually are, and what you love.  The automatic results are inspired ideas on how to make money, give value to others, and most importantly, live an abundant life.

Steve Pavlina, a successful self-development coach once said: 

When you get in the line with the path of the heart making money is so easy”.

I couldn’t agree more. Making money is a lot easier when you are in line with your heart, but you also realise that the specific amount in your bank account is not the reason for your wellbeing. Wellbeing is within you, not in the money you make. Some of the most successful people say that they don’t care about making money, but rather on the value they are giving people.

Me in a very happy place in Mexico

When you are stuck in a job that you don’t like, it’s impossible for you to give value to yourself and others. The result is a life where you go through the hard times, only to be happy in the future. Let me tell you something;

You will never have the future, you will only have the now. Always.

The world is always working in your favour. Even the most horrible experiences in your life (like not getting a paycheck) are there to teach you something. When you TRUST the universe to always have your back, it will.

You are the creator of your own reality. You can choose to live exactly the life you want for yourself. If you do, you will be able to love others and find meaning in everything that you do.

So be brave and ask yourself: Is this what I really want?”.

If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a HELL NO!

Love Tess <3

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