Notes From My Notebook

the notebook of my dreams

The Notebook – Personal

These are notes taking directly from my notebook I was writing in while going from Oslo to Sydney.

1/1- 2017

Started from the bottom, now I’m here.

After almost 2 years in Oslo going from being broke, without a job, and living in a 1 bedroom apartment with 5 other people, to where I am now.

With more money in my account than in a long time, in the airport in Dubai waiting for my connecting flight to Sydney. My second home. One of my favourite places in the world that I have missed so much during the last 2 years after leaving it.

I’m shit scared and excited at the same time. Sydney is just the beginning of a journey which I don’t know the outcome or length of yet. All I know is that I left the security behind me. A good job, good friends, and a place to stay to go out to the world by myself again.

It’s always weird when you are starting a new chapter, and I have a feeling this chapter will be different to any other chapter in my life so far.

The next flight is in 1,5 hours. I can’t wait…

8/1- 2017

I arrived in Sydney a week ago and wow, what a great feeling to be picked up at the airport by one of best friends down here, that I haven’t seen in so long. He is now living with his dad in a house outside of the centre of Sydney. I got my own room and enjoying every second of the warm weather and meeting up with old friends.

Yesterday I was walking alone on Bondi Beach, the best place in the world. I just have a very special relationship with this beach. So many memories come back to me as soon as I see the ocean. I also walked to my old apartment where I used to live with 3 friends. It was amazing to see it again. I wish I could share it with someone though, but I have to remember I’m doing this for myself. It’s my memories and I am the one who came all this way to experience it again.

I have been visiting my old work, the hotel bar where I used to work while living here. It was so much fun to see all the surprised faces of my old colleagues. After a few cocktails too many me and my friend were walking down the streets in Sydney embracing the wonderful energy.

Another great thing that has happened in the last couple of days is that I was asked to write an article for a newly launched website community called “Meetupforcoffee”.

I’m going to write an article about coffee shops in Sydney to post on the site. This my first paid online gig in a long time, and wow, it makes me remember why I love working online. I can choose my own time and do it on my terms.

Being in front of my MacBook and create content is truly a big passion of mine. I’ve been worrying for so long how I will be able to create a brand, give value to people and make money online, but I feel more and more that as long I share my experience and do what I love, opportunities will arise and I will find my thing.

Peace and Love from Sydney.


I have decided to leave Sydney. I’ve met everyone, seen all the places, finished the article and now I’m ready to see something new.

A couple of days ago I went on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to go on a road trip, and after only 15 minutes I got a reply from a German guy that wants to go all the way from Sydney to Perth (around 4000 k). Lucky for me he had a big car, a tent, a driver’s license ;), all the camping gear you could ask for, a map over free camping sites, food etc.

Tomorrow he is picking me and an English girl up to hit the road. I’ve never met these people before but I’m sure we will get along fine.


I left Sydney today with my new homies. I’m sure we are going to become really good friends. The English girl Jane is superfine and we connected instantly. The German guy Dennis is also very nice, and the first night we spent in a free camping site right next to a river, with weird animals walking all around the field.

After a bottle of wine, and a smoke we decided to take a night swim in the lake. It was amazing and then me and Jane slept in the tent while Dennis was sleeping in the car. It takes some getting used to sleeping outside, cooking on a small stove, not having a shower and so on, but I don’t mind a bit of an adventure 🙂

I really feel like I’m on a crazy vacation right now. Australia is a very expensive country, but because we are not paying for accommodation and cook our own food, it’s fine.

That was all I had from my notebook from the road trip. After this, I decided to just experience and forgot to write every day. But the next post is about our road trip in full. <3

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