The 7 Best Unknown Coffee Shops in Sydney.


Sydney is one of the most famous cities in the world, and around 8 million tourists visit every year.

This has had a huge effect on the expansion of new coffee shops in the city, and you’ll find everything from Starbucks to smaller private-own cafes all over.

Needless to say, Sydney is huge, and you won’t find all of the best coffee shops near the centre. If you’re willing to go for a short walk or take the train a couple of stations you will find the best hideaways to enjoy a nice coffee, and maybe even get some work done.

Here are 7 of the best unknown coffee shops in Sydney.

1. Corelli’s Cafe.

Corelli’s Cafe is located in Newtown. Only 2 stations from the city centre with the train you will find this nice area which has attracted many young travellers throughout the years.

About 1-minute walk from the train station you’ll notice the orange umbrellas covering the outside tables from the sun.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a big smile, and offered a table either outside or inside. The menu contains lighter meals, breakfast, pastries, smoothies and all the different kinds of coffee you would like.

The atmosphere is very relaxed. People come here to either read, have lunch or just meet up with friends.

Some regulars come in and greet the staff with a big smile. It’s obvious that people who find this place like to come back.

A big plus is the free wifi, something you can’t actually find in most cafes around Sydney yet.

Overall, this is a really cosy place that is not too big, but not too crowded either. Here you will enjoy a great cup of coffee and fresh homemade food in many varieties and feel right at home.

2. Gaffa

Just 2 blocks away from Town Hall in the centre of the city, you will find this oasis away from all the buzz. Gaffa is a coffee shop as well as an art gallery that offers studio spaces to creative souls. You feel the relaxed atmosphere as soon as you walk in the little black door and you’re hit by the amazing smell of newly ground coffee beans.

You can choose to sit in the bigger area with an open roof to have lunch with your friends, or just enjoy the nice coffee by yourself right next to the counter.

The staff is very organized and provides really good and quick service to please your taste buds.

Some regulars come in to grab a quick takeaway on the go, while some stay for a chat or a lunch before heading to a meeting in one of the backrooms of the venue.

On the menu, you’ll find sandwiches, toasts, and salads. Everything at a good price.

What does it for me really is the environment of this place. I feel relaxed and even though there is no free wifi, I would rather grab my favourite book and let my mind drift for a while sipping on a perfectly made cappuccino.

3. Cafe 259

If you´re looking for a place where you can pick up your computer and enjoy the free wifi for as long as you want, cafe 259 is the place for you.

Some good ol´50s music pumping from the speakers at just the right volume makes you want to either go up and dance or have a chat with the friendly staff.

Not too crowded, even in the middle of a busy day in the city, which offers you to enjoy some privacy if you please.

Sandwiches, pies, and salads are found on the menu, but if you want something heavier, you can also enjoy a burger or some pizza.

If you feel like something more refreshing, the homemade fresh juice will do it for you. It comes in many different varieties and flavours, but they are equally as tasty.

This place brings a mix of backpackers looking for a place to sit down after a long day of exploring the city, and business people grabbing lunch.

Cafe 259 is located in between the harbour and the city centre, away from the major streets. The big fan in the corner of the café helps you keep cool on a warm day. The casual atmosphere makes you very relaxed and ready to spend some time either with good friends or alone getting some work done.

If you want to spend some extra money, you can always purchase some of the coffee cups, jugs, and other accessories you’d need to make amazing coffee at home.

All locally grown ingredients and homemade food make this place feel rural and cosy, as well as modern and fresh at the same time. A good mix of everything I would say.

4. Little Ox Cafe

Welcome to this simple looking cafe that hides a really nice menu of sandwiches and breakfasts as well as a salad bar.

Right on Oxford street stretching all the way from Hyde Park to Bondi you’ll find this little piece of cosiness which offers more than just a nice cup of coffee. Enjoy the free wifi or a good book as you are tempting your taste buds with a variety of food and drinks.

The staff will greet you as soon as you walk in and you can choose to sit outside in the sun or enjoy the inside area. The place is not very big, but not very crowded either, so you can easily find a table to sit down for a while.

The most popular choice is one of the sandwiches, which you can enjoy either in-house or as a takeaway.

Surprisingly, not many coffee shops in Sydney has a lot of vegetarian options, but the Little Ox definitely does.

How about a vegetarian breakfast after a big night out, combined with a coffee latte with a variation of flavours to choose from.

Another great thing about this place is the closeness to Hyde Park, where you can enjoy the quiet nature while sipping on a takeaway coffee. It’s only a 5-minute walk away. If you rather go on a shopping spree, Oxford Street can offer anything you’d like, and it’s right outside the café.

Great location, great food and really good coffee are what makes the Little Ox worth a visit.

5. Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore.

Are you a bookworm? Do you prefer having coffee while being surrounded by art and literature from all over the world? In that case, the Ampersand café will be your new go-to spot when you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or get something to eat.

Located on Oxford Street, but not very close to the noisy traffic in the city you will find one of the most beautiful designed coffee shops in Sydney.

In this award-winning nugget, you can either choose to sit outside or in one of the 3 floors of this coffee shop & bookstore combined. Enjoy the complimentary wifi or just have a good time with friends.

It surprises me that even though it’s located in the middle of a big street, it’s very quiet and relaxing to come in here. 

The staff really knows what they are doing, and always greets you with a big smile and a “G’day Mate” in real Aussie style. This is probably one of the reasons why so many regulars come here.

Most like a library, this is also a great place to study. Whether you prefer sitting by yourself in a nice armchair, or study with friends at one of the bigger tables, you will be able to find the motivation you need to excel at the next exam. If there is anything you need to read up on, you can always buy or borrow one of the several 1000s of books available here. If you have any books to sell yourself, this place will buy them from you and provide the opportunity for someone else to get carried away by a good story.

On the menu, you will find breakfast and lunch options to please any palate as well as hot and cold drinks. Why not enjoy a very special hot chocolate made with Lindt Swiss chocolate, or an iced latte to cool you down on a hot day?

Some people just come here to have a walk around in the building window shopping for books, as it’s beautiful rural design makes you want to stay here for hours.

At the Ampersand Café and Bookstore, you really get it all. Good atmosphere, tasty food, nice staff, great location and any kind of coffee you´d like.

If you come to Sydney and not visit this place, you really missed out.

6. The Jim Café

One of my favourite things to do in Sydney is to walk around the smaller streets of Paddington and enjoy the nice little shops and restaurants in this area. That’s how I found the Jim Café. A perfect little hideaway for anyone looking for a nice time.

The first thing that strikes you is the perfect sized outdoor area where you can get a table in the sun or under the umbrellas.

Free wifi and really good prices make you want to show this place to all of your friends. As it’s not that well known but offers really good quality food and coffee, you will definitely be satisfied not having to wait in line to order.

Although a lot of locals come here, it’s also a popular place for tourists (the ones who dare to go on the not so popular streets). This brings a good mixture of people and a cool vibe to this place.

Take a look at the all-day breakfast menu and you will be eager to order everything at once. If you are looking to grab some lunch you can choose from burgers, sandwiches and salads.

A popular choice of the guests are the homemade smoothies which come in many different varieties.

The walls are covered in modern art and the design reminds me of a hip downtown Café in New York. The attention to details is clear as soon as you walk in, and the simple but fresh look of the inside makes you feel comfortable in an instant.

Whether you’re having a business meeting or just want to impress your friends, bring them to The Jim and you won’t be disappointed.

7. My Coffee Room

The last coffee shop on the list is also the most central one. Although located on a big street, this café is not very well known amongst tourists, which makes it really comfortable and nice to stay at. Most of the guests that come in are here for a quick but delicious coffee while running errands in the city.

You can either sit down and have a meal, like a risotto or a salmon filé, or you can grab a take away sandwich.

The owner is standing behind the counter himself, so you can ask him about anything that has to do with coffee, and maybe learn a thing or two.

If you please, you can take advantage of the free wifi and air condition inside, or enjoy the view of Hyde Park at one of the outside tables.

The simplicity of this place gives it a modern vibe and makes it perfect as a stopover on a city tour or shopping spree.

All around, really well-made coffee and a good location close to everything gives me the true satisfaction.

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