Road Trip Sydney-Perth

In January 2017 I went on a road trip from Sydney to Perth in Australia. In my last post, you can read the notes from the first couple of days.

This is what happened after we arrived in Melbourne:

After a couple of days on the road, we finally hit the first major city after Sydney, Melbourne. The feeling there was completely different to Sydney, where everything is very busy and fast paced. I’ve always enjoyed that soft energy more, and you can feel that Melbourne is a smaller city than Sydney.

After not seeing any new faces in past days we were all excited to stay in a hostel and meet some new people.

Said and done. Not more than 2 minutes after entering the hostel we had a plan to go out with a group of really nice guys who were staying in our room. Most of them were English and very crazy and fun.

After a quick dinner, we bought a couple of 5$ bottles of wine and head to the park with a speaker in one hand and some other necessities in the other. 😉

One thing led to another and all of a sudden we are a group of around 10 people singing and partying in the park. I’ve hadn’t been out for a long time so it was an amazing feeling just letting loose for a bit.

Maybe letting go a bit too much though, as we decided to leave the park and go to a bar I thought it was a good decision to pet a possum and feed it with some breadcrumbs. This was not a good idea. The cute little thing bit me in the finger and I was told by an Aussie that I needed to go to a hospital to get it checked. The risk of infection or rabies was apparently something to be taken seriously.


Of course, nothing was opened at that time so we kept on partying until I was completely exhausted.

The next day we went on a proper 6-hour exploration through Melbourne. It was amazing. I also got my injection for the possum bite;). We were walking around for a long time in the botanical garden which is a huge park in the middle of Melbourne with some awesome trees and animals to look at.

After 2 wonderful and fun days in Melbourne, we headed out on the road again. This time for another 3-4 days before arriving in Adelaide.


The days were spent stopping at one amazing beach after the other, meeting kangaroos, koalas, visiting waterfalls and sleeping in the car.

I never knew how many campsites are actually in the south of Australia, and how most of them are for free and surprisingly clean.

We met a numerous amount of families, backpackers and friendly couples who never hesitated to give us advice on where to go and what to see.

I discovered the value of talking to strangers for advice instead of going on Google every time I wanted to know where to go.  We got to see some hidden treasures and not so crowded beaches because we sometimes went outside of the beating track and did what others recommended us to do.


I have realised how much the Aussies love their country, the nature, the animals, the lifestyle and the tourists coming to visit.

Every single person we spoke to gave us so many cool tips on what Australia has to offer.

I really have to stress how much I love travelling without a guide book.

Though Lonely Planet is amazing in one way, I enjoy travelling without it much more. It gives me a more open mind towards what to do and where to go, and it forces me to connect with other travellers.

This is a video I made from our trip. As my camera broke on the 2nd day, I wasn’t able to film as much as I intended, but these are some of my favourite moments. 🙂

If you ever get the chance to go camping in Australia, do it!



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