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Remote Job – Make Money While Traveling

A remote job? Wait a minute, I thought this blog was supposed to be about how to start your own business? Not getting a job. 

Starting a business takes time, and getting a remote job can be a great way to travel while figuring everything out.

The purpose of this blog is to show you that it’s possible to make a living out of what you truly love. Creating a desirable lifestyle might include choosing your own time, and be able to choose where to live.

If this is the case, and you want to be able to travel more or work from home, there are a few websites I want to recommend to you.

All of these have 1 thing in common. They offer jobs that are location independent, which means you can work for someone else, but whenever and wherever you want, as long as you produce the required results.

What you can expect from this post:

  • How to write an application that will get you the job.

  • 10 different websites that are posting job offers that are completely location independent.

  • + A list of 100 companies that offers remote jobs.

    How to write the best application.

When applying for a remote job, or any job that is, it’s important to understand one thing. The recruiter doesn’t care if you have an education or not, they care if you have experience and the right personality for the job. Now, of course, you have to use your common sense when applying for a service that requires some kind of skill set that you have to gain through education.

What I mean is that sometimes you can get caught up in the idea that you need to have some kind of exam or sign on a paper in order to even apply for a job. This is not the case. If you know that you will be able to do the tasks required, don’t be afraid to apply.

I have never had an interview for a job and not gotten it. Simply because I’m not afraid to tell the employer what I can do, and show how I can contribute to the company with my personality and the knowledge I have today.

For example, if you love video editing, and have produced several videos that you are proud of, you can easily freelance as a video editor for someone else. If don’t have a degree, simply show them what you have done and be creative when writing an application. If you are going to apply for a video project, why not make a killer video about myself? 😉

Think about it. If you were to start a project and needed someone to do a certain task, would you choose someone who has a high degree on a paper or someone who can show who they are and how they can contribute to the finishing product in the best way?

If you know that you can do a good job, don’t be shy to convey that when writing or talking about your skills, and yes, it is okay to be proud of even the smallest achievements in your life.

Figure out what you love to do and what are you good at.

You will always have something to contribute to someone else. Especially if you are applying for a job within a startup.

Now, once you have written down all of the skills that you have, even if gained through reading, playing around with your friends, traveling, or doing your own projects, package them into a creative application.

Stand out by using small tricks like choosing a fun colour, attach a video, some pictures, and dare to use informal language at times. Even when writing an “important” application, you are allowed to be creative and think outside of the box. If your application stands out from the rest, you are already a huge step further in getting the job.

Always attach a high-quality picture of yourself!

Next step is to find the jobs to apply for.

Here are 10 sites where you can apply for a remote job or freelance work.


Freelancer is mostly focusing on getting entrepreneurs and freelancers together for project-based jobs, not necessary a long-term employment. This can be either good or bad depending on what your goals are.

It is a huge platform and it’s super easy to create your profile, and then search for a lot of different freelance assignments.

Once you have uploaded a good profile, you can get updates in your email inbox with offers specified after your skills and experience. This is a huge benefit as you don’t have to actively log in to the site and search for jobs.

You can also post your own projects if you want to find certain people to help you out.


This site is for people who want’s to be able to work for someone else, but as a digital nomad, meaning you can work from wherever you are in the world by using your computer only.

You can choose to search from different categories such as management, finance, human resources etc.


This site has many job offers, including everything from web development to customer service. What I like about REMOTEOK is the variety of different positions offered, and also the option to filter your search in a lot of different ways.

There is also a category for startups, which is perfect if you want help out in the beginning and development of a new business.  It can be easier to get involved in a startup if you don’t have that much experience yet.

Usually, when starting a company or a project, the manager wants to find the right personality for the company. Thereafter adjust the actual assignments for every person.


StartUpMatcher is great if you want to help someone who is starting a business. It’s a Norwegian company and is mostly reaching out to people in Scandinavia. Some of the jobs are actually not 100 % remote, but most of them are.

The good thing about this site is that you can create your own profile and have startups find and contact you for a position.

After only 15 minutes from registration to this site, I got an offer. In my profile, I wrote down a list of the things I have done. The online mastermind groups I have started, the coaching I have done and the events I have conducted.

Most importantly, I wrote down the skills I have gained from doing all of that. I chose to amplify the skills I know are desirable for startups. 

Note, I didn’t have to show any papers or proof of my experience when getting a job opportunity.

On StartUpMatcher you can also upload your own project and find suitable people to help you out.


Similar to StartUpMatcher, on Upwork you can upload your resume and create your own profile. Employers can then find you, and you can find people for your own projects. It’s easy to use and is one of the biggest platforms out there for getting creative people together.


Indeed is a normal job posting site, but it has a category for remote jobs only. You can search for a lot of different types of positions.


Flexjobs offers a list of over 30.000 jobs from 4,700 companies and could definitely be worth checking out.


Fiverr is a bit different from the other sites on this list. On Fiverr, people offer services ranging from 5 dollars. It could be anything like SEO services to creating a video.

If you have a skill and want to help people with smaller tasks, Fiverr is something to consider.


Another site mainly focusing on startups. What’s cool about Angellist is that you can find investors for your own projects. 

You can also connect with other entrepreneurs by creating a profile, and therefore find new opportunities for freelance work.

10. GURU

Guru has over  1.5 million users, and a big variety of  positions that you can search for. This is great if you already have some expertise and want to get more experience.

There it is! Some of the best sites I know that offers a remote job.

Extra Bonus!

I just wanted to add this list of 100 Companies that offers remote jobs. This is truly worth checking out just to see if there might be anything for you on that list.

Remember, it’s always okay to apply for a remote job. You never know when the right person might want you to work for them. There is ALWAYS someone looking for a person just like you.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, leave a comment below.

If there was something you didn’t like, PLEASE leave a comment below!


Tess <3

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