How travelling opens up to new opportunities.

I’ve been travelling all my life and met people from all over the world with all kinds of different backgrounds. It has made me less judgmental and more open-minded towards other people and new things. Well, everyone knows that’s what happens when you travel right? 😉

I have realized how many opportunities are actually out there that you can’t see unless you jump off the cliff and leave security behind.

When you are at home and have a job and a routine, you meet the same people, eat the same food, watch the same TV-show and do the same things, you become blind to what the world has to offer.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Though being in one place for a long time is really comfortable and safe, and sometimes that’s what we need. To know exactly what tomorrow will be like.

The thing is, that if you never step out of your comfort zone, you don’t get the full-on experience of the world taking care of you.

That is probably the biggest lesson I have learned from travelling by myself, or without a plan, that no matter what, things will always be okay.

I  have been broke, homeless, and hungry in a lot of different countries, not knowing how I will find a solution. I’ve been really scared and nervous about the future. It’s that fear that somehow always turns into motivation, and you are forced to think outside the box and find new ways of getting what you need.

I’m not saying that you need to be broke and homeless by yourself in order to see new opportunities. What I mean is that you have to step out of your comfort zone to realise the universe is there to your advantage. If you are never testing your boundaries you will never see things in a new perspective.

As a survival instinct, being scared allows you to ask questions you have never asked yourself before. That‘s when the real magic happens.

If you’re scared because you don’t have anywhere to stay for the night and all the hotels are full, you might have to actually talk to strangers and ask for advice, reach out to people and ask for help or sleep under the stars and experience the beauty of nature.

So, being scared and nervous is not dangerous, it opens up to new opportunities.

Being here in Sydney has really thought me that if I go out and do something without being completely sure of what will happen, eventually I will find trust in the world and that it is always taking care of me.

When I left I was really scared, and still concerned about the money. Once that fear settled a bit and I was gone, new opportunities showed up out of nowhere, simply because I had stretched my limits and was forced to take action in a direction I hadn’t before.

I got an opportunity to get paid for writing an article, and I found a really cheap way to travel across the country and explore the best that Australia has to offer.

I received this simply because my eyes were open to new things, things that would never have happened back home.

It proves that there is nothing on the other side of fear except new ideas, and therefore, new opportunities.

The more you are able to go against your insecure thoughts the more you will trust that everything is okay, and you will be more open towards new possibilities.

Imagine you have a house in the middle of the forest. Inside the house, it’s safe, warm and you don’t have to be afraid of anything. Every day looks pretty much the same and you are busy keeping the house going. Outside the house is a big, dark forest full of animals you have never seen before, and it can be very cold and dark at times.

On the other side of the forest, though, there is a beautiful little village where people are happy, doing their own thing and are always smiling.

In order for you to ever experience that place, you need to walk outside of your house and go through the forest.

Even if you’re going to be very afraid at times, going through a new scary path will be worth it when you reach a destination flourishing with new exciting opportunities.



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