How to be independent

How To Be Independent – Interview with a Vanlifer

How to be independent – Interview with a Vanlifer

Wow, wow, wow………So much has happened in my life in the last couple of weeks. Not because I have been moving around a lot and changing my environment, but because I have seen things change in my experience. 

We arrived in Spain almost 2 months ago, and time has flone by. We left Norway with an intention to take every day as it comes and trust that the universe is going to show us the way. Without trying to sound way too hippie, this is exactly what has happened. 

Every day has been a learning experience into my own truth. That we are made to thrive. 

“So I won’t hesitate no more, no more”, he sings. That describes what I have seen lately. No hesitation that I’m on the wrong track or not doing the right thing. No more hesitation that I should go back to school, get a “normal job” or do what others do. 

To let my true essence show itself and guide me throughout this journey has changed everything. It’s still all the same, but because I will land softly when falling, falling into confusion and doubt is no longer scary. 

This is me trying to explain a feeling I’m having these days. It’s amazing to finally have the time to explore the opportunities that are showing up in front of me. Before, I was blinded by my thinking around money, stress, job and obligations. 

When you can let go of the thoughts that are holding you back trust appears. Trust in that everything will be okay, and that every day can be lived. Lived with a grounded understanding that beneath all the crazy thinking is a calm, warm, perfect being. 

Anyways, back to reality. One of the amazing opportunities that showed up when calming down was the Viva Event 2 weeks ago. 

We did not have tickets, but a couple of weeks before the event we asked the organisers if we could help them to create a vlog from the event, in exchange for tickets. 

They said yes. 

We were super stoked when we drove up 1,5 hours to Albir. To meet old friends, explore the simple truth of how our mind works and record a video at the same time, was incredible. 

For those of you who don’t know. The Viva Event is an annual conference/party that is held by two wonderful ladies; Sheela and Sue. 

Every year they gather some of the most open-minded and friendly characters I have ever met to learn about our phycology and hang out. 

What we learned (again) was that it’s actually a very simple understanding of the principles that is giving us an experience of life. It has been very helpful to be reminded of this understanding since it can help us see where our feelings are coming from. What I described above is the feeling I’m left with after being reminded of how it actually works. 

We spent 3 days at the event and heard some extraordinary speakers deliver their speeches. We stayed for another 5 days staying in our car, explore the town and hang out with friends. One day we went on a hike in the mountains (video will come soon) with Rudi and Jules. During the walk, we decided to do a project together and I have a really good feeling around it. Here was the next opportunity that revealed itself when trusting my path. 

Then, yet another opportunity showed up. I was invited by the wonderful Verena Debnar to be interviewed on her podcast “Inspired Living”. It was a great conversation and I really enjoyed recording it. 

In the episode, we cover topics like:

* What gave me the “courage” to leave my well-known environment and embark on this exciting adventure

* How to be independent and work from anywhere

* The implications of travelling with a clear mind and less overthinking

* How new opportunities show up without effort when we allow ourselves to trust that they will.

* Why I strongly believe that every single person on this planet has unlimited potential to achieve whatever they want in life

* … and much more!

I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please leave a comment or share. In a couple of weeks, we are leaving this chapter to head down towards Portugal. I’m actually looking forward to sleeping in our car again!

Hopefully, I will be posting more regularly from now on about our life on the road. 

Hasta La Vista Babies. <3

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