Cryptocurrencies for Digital Nomads and Vlog from Anarchapulco 2018

This is actually a post that I wrote a while ago on my Medium page. (check out and follow me here). I realised I have not yet posted it on my blog and would love to share it here as well. If you read all the way through you will find an awesome video from when me and Morten attended the Anarchapulco conference in Mexico in February last year. It was a truly amazing time and we are definitely going back next year in February! 🙂 The reason I wrote this is that when we came home from this conference in 2018 my eyes had really opened about the bigger impact Cryptocurrencies will have on the world- economy, but also on humanity as a whole. So here we go; I’ve been on and off a digital nomad for the last couple of years. I’ve been travelling around the world, living in […]