Cryptocurrencies for Digital Nomads and Vlog from Anarchapulco 2018

This is actually a post that I wrote a while ago on my Medium page. (check out and follow me here). I realised I have not yet posted it on my blog and would love to share it here as well. If you read all the way through you will find an awesome video from when me and Morten attended the Anarchapulco conference in Mexico in February last year. It was a truly amazing time and we are definitely going back next year in February! 🙂 The reason I wrote this is that when we came home from this conference in 2018 my eyes had really opened about the bigger impact Cryptocurrencies will have on the world- economy, but also on humanity as a whole. So here we go; I’ve been on and off a digital nomad for the last couple of years. I’ve been travelling around the world, living in […]


The 7 Best Unknown Coffee Shops in Sydney.   Sydney is one of the most famous cities in the world, and around 8 million tourists visit every year. This has had a huge effect on the expansion of new coffee shops in the city, and you’ll find everything from Starbucks to smaller private-own cafes all over. Needless to say, Sydney is huge, and you won’t find all of the best coffee shops near the centre. If you’re willing to go for a short walk or take the train a couple of stations you will find the best hideaways to enjoy a nice coffee, and maybe even get some work done. Here are 7 of the best unknown coffee shops in Sydney. 1. Corelli’s Cafe. Corelli’s Cafe is located in Newtown. Only 2 stations from the city centre with the train you will find this nice area which has attracted many […]

Road Trip Sydney-Perth

In January 2017 I went on a road trip from Sydney to Perth in Australia. In my last post, you can read the notes from the first couple of days. This is what happened after we arrived in Melbourne: After a couple of days on the road, we finally hit the first major city after Sydney, Melbourne. The feeling there was completely different to Sydney, where everything is very busy and fast paced. I’ve always enjoyed that soft energy more, and you can feel that Melbourne is a smaller city than Sydney. After not seeing any new faces in past days we were all excited to stay in a hostel and meet some new people. Said and done. Not more than 2 minutes after entering the hostel we had a plan to go out with a group of really nice guys who were staying in our room. Most of them were English […]

How travelling opens up to new opportunities.

I’ve been travelling all my life and met people from all over the world with all kinds of different backgrounds. It has made me less judgmental and more open-minded towards other people and new things. Well, everyone knows that’s what happens when you travel right? 😉 I have realized how many opportunities are actually out there that you can’t see unless you jump off the cliff and leave security behind. When you are at home and have a job and a routine, you meet the same people, eat the same food, watch the same TV-show and do the same things, you become blind to what the world has to offer. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Though being in one place for a long time is really comfortable and safe, and sometimes that’s what we need. To know exactly what tomorrow will be like. The thing is, that if you never step […]

Unfiltered Thoughts – Insecurities around Traveling Alone.

I want to combine really good content posts with posts like these. Unfiltered thoughts that I’m having about traveling and lifestyle. Here it goes, no filters or overthinking about what to write: I really believe in doing what I love every day and choose how to live my life. But it’s not always that easy to know what my passion is. My dreams can vary from day-to-day, and sometimes I feel really confused. Will it be worth it going out into the world alone and finding ways to get around? Or should I wait until I have everything sorted out and a steady online income before I go? It’s dangerous to be too comfortable. Dangerous for the mind. I don’t want to get stuck in a place that is not the ultimate happy place just to be safe and know that money is coming in every month. Sometimes I hate money […]